Poem - 1st April 2006

joo and mi

i collaborated with robert (raw-bherreey) on this masterpiece.... a superb display of poetic craftmanship

I think I am going to have a shit

but where should i sit?

on the toilet or in my sink?

Squatting down for a think

I made the turd before I could blink

didnt know it would stink

this much. damn this java drink!

On the kitchen stove

another blackened diarrhea loave

a desperate travel to the toilet cove

i should not drink such copious volumes

because then, my stomach loseness blooms

one should watch what one consumes

but better caffeine than tobacco fumes

For these sticks of death

really buts an end to your breath

Just like the meaning of life

You can loose your own strife

. . .